experience our finest barrel-aged beer.

Join the Luminary Society to gain access to the most exclusive barrel-aged beer Lamplighter has to offer. The Luminary Society is a members-only bottle society meant for beer connoisseurs, sour enthusiasts, and lovers of all things mixed fermentation.

At this time, our membership renewal period is now closed. To get more information about joining the program on a rolling basis, please reach out directly: [email protected]

Once enrolled, members receive six unique barrel-aged beers released throughout the year. These limited releases are products of our award-winning barrel program and showcase some of our brewing team’s most complex, dynamic, and unique projects and blends.

Membership highlights include:

  • Six exclusive releases from our barrel-program (browse the complete list of previous releases)
  • Invites to members-only events, including bottle release parties, tasting classes, and tours
  • Complete access to our cellar of past year’s releases
  • Read on for full membership perks…

luminary society membership benefits

  • One, two, or three 750 ml bottles per release. Once launched bottles are available for pickup on a rolling basis at our Broadway taproom, or members can select “on demand shipping” for an added cost.
  • Luminary Society Teku glass
  • Exclusive access for you and a plus one to a members-only launch parties for each release
  • Additional invitations to six supplementary events throughout the year, including a barrel warehouse tour, guided tastings, a blending class, and a food pairing class*
  • Access to the full Luminary Society cellar, where you can shop for additional bottles from our limited inventory of past program releases
  • Luminary Society “secret tap” privileges at our Broadway taproom, which allows you to order a rotating draft pour of a Luminary Society beer whenever the taproom is open
  • First option to join the 2025 Luminary Society

*Additional purchase is necessary for some events to cover costs like instructor gratuity, food, and bonus beer. Don’t worry, there will be a mix of free and for-purchase events and we promise to keep costs as low as possible.

bottle pickup & optional shipping

Members can expect a bottle release approximately every other month (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sept, and Nov). When a new Luminary Society bottle is released, members will receive an email with information about the beer, pick-up logistics, and details regarding any associated release events. At this time, members may also elect to purchase one-off shipping to anywhere in Massachusetts. Shipments must be received by an adult who can sign for the package and show a valid government-issued 21+ ID. Pricing is dependent on UPS shipping costs, and will be updated at the time of purchase. All packages are shipped overnight and will be delivered within a week of release date.

If you don’t elect to pay for shipping you’ll be asked to select the Lamplighter taproom at which you’d like to collect your bottle(s), either 284 Broadway or 110 N First St. If no option is selected, we’ll automatically hold your bottles at our Broadway brewery location. For your convenience, you can designate your preferred pick up location with each new bottle release. Bottles will be held for three weeks after each release.

If you are unable to pick up your bottle(s) within that time frame, or if you’d like to arrange for someone else to pick up your bottle on your behalf, you may email [email protected] for assistance. Please note that anyone picking up a Luminary Society bottle must show a valid ID proving that they are 21+.

Any bottles allocated for the Luminary Society members that are not picked up / set to be delivered by the end of the year (December 31, 2024) will be considered property of Lamplighter Brewing Co. and will be forfeited without refund.

our quality guarantee

We reserve only the very best small-batch, barrel-aged beers for Luminary Society releases These beers are not otherwise available to the general public, and hold an extra special place in our hearts (and cellars). If for any reason you are unhappy with a 2024 Luminary Society release, we will allow you to exchange it for any bottle in our cellar at no additional cost.

some additional things to know

We expect that no Luminary Society release will be resold for any reason. All beer purchased and obtained through the Luminary Society is for the purpose of consumption only. Re-selling bottles without a Lamplighter Brewing Co. wholesale account is illegal and can jeopardize our and your ABCC license.

Lamplighter Brewing Co. reserves the right to cancel / terminate Luminary Society memberships for any reason. If your Luminary Society membership is cancelled by Lamplighter Brewing Co., you will be notified through the email attached to your account and refunded based on remaining allocations. All shipping and pick-up policies are subject to change at any time.