exclusive access. limited releases.

Lamplighter’s subscription-based bottle society presents an opportunity to try small-batch exclusive releases, with an emphasis on sours, wild fermentation, and barrel-aging. As a member of the Luminary Society, you’ll receive six unique beers released throughout the year, which showcase some of our wildest, funkiest barrel projects, attentively curated by our Brewmaster.

2023 Luminary Society memberships are now closed for the year! If you’d like to be notified first when 2024 memberships go up for sale, join our pre-sale list here 

Members of the Luminary Society receive 6 special releases in 750ml format of innovative brews throughout the year (bottle quantity per release is dependent on membership tier).

Beers released to the Luminary Society are not available in our taproom or for general sale; they are both collectible and dynamic, anticipated to evolve in complexity under proper cellaring conditions. In fact, these one-off batches are some of our favorite beers to date – expect sours, wild ales, and enough funk, fruit, and booze to knock your socks off. Read more about previous beer releases here.

Memberships also include access to members-only bottle release parties, tastings, and tours throughout the year, as well as complete access to our cellar of past year’s releases (while supplies last). Read on for full membership benefits, as well as terms.

resources for current members.

Download our Luminary Society Reference Guide here.

Save the date! Our next Luminary bottle release will take place on January 26th.

Need to update your contact info, or get in touch? Shoot us a note at [email protected]

subscription benefits & details.

In addition to each release, each subscription includes: a t-shirt, a bottle opener, an exclusive Luminary Society stemmed glass, access to an in-person launch event for each bottle release (as well as other exclusive events throughout the year), and first option to purchase membership for 2024.

Some Luminary Society releases may allow for extra bottles to be purchased, depending on the yield of the batch. These will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

You must be 21 years of age or older to join the Luminary Society.

The styles and timing of the six releases will be at the sole discretion of our team, though we predict releasing bottles in January, March, May, September, November, and December. The beer list will evolve as we taste, blend, and condition, but we anticipate offering a selection of sour and barrel-aged beer.

shipping & pick up options.

A bottle shipping option may be purchased as an addition to your Luminary Society membership, and is available to any residential or business address in Massachusetts. Please note that Lamplighter Brewing Co. is only legally allowed to ship in-state to MA addresses, even if your state allows beer shipping.

Shipping fees will be billed at a flat rate dependent on membership tier: Tier 1 (+$100), Tier 2 (+$120), Tier 3 (+$135). These fees cover the cost of shipping for all releases throughout the year.

All packages are shipped overnight and will be delivered within a week of release date (bank holidays, inclement weather, etc. may cause unexpected delays in transit time).

All shipments require proof that the purchaser and package recipient are 21+ years of age. A signature and government-issued ID will be required upon delivery. We cannot ship beer to P.O. Boxes.

If the purchaser is not present for an adult signature and the package is returned, purchaser will be charged a return fee (determined by cost of return shipping, restocking, and any other fees that may occur). UPS will attempt to deliver each package three times. After that, bottles will be returned to Lamplighter. In this instance, you may pick-up at the brewery. This can be arranged by contacting [email protected]

pickup & holding.

When a new Luminary Society bottle is released, members will receive an email with information about the beer, pick-up logistics, shipping options, and details regarding any associated release events. You may pick up your bottle(s) at your pre-selected “home” taproom, either 284 Broadway or 110 N First St. Please note that these hours are subject to change.

If you are unable to pick up your bottle(s), you may email [email protected] to coordinate alternative pickup time.

Members may arrange for a friend or relative to pick up Luminary Society bottles on their behalf. That designated person will need to bring a valid ID proving that they are 21+, give their name when they arrive, and be able to give the name of the member for whom they are grabbing bottle(s). This will allow us to keep an accurate record of who has received their bottle(s) for each release.

Any bottles allocated for the Luminary Society members that are not picked up / set to be delivered by the end of the year (December 31, 2023) will be considered property of Lamplighter Brewing Co. and will be forfeited without refund.

re-selling beer.

We expect that no Luminary Society release will be resold for any reason. All beer purchased and obtained through the Luminary Society is for the purpose of consumption only.

Re-selling bottles without a Lamplighter Brewing Co. wholesale account is illegal and can jeopardize our and your ABCC license.

If a club member is found illegally re-selling our beer, their membership will be revoked and whatever allocations are left at that point will be refunded.

cancellations & terminations of membership.

Lamplighter Brewing Co. reserves the right to cancel / terminate Luminary Society memberships for any reason. If your Luminary Society membership is cancelled by Lamplighter Brewing Co., you will be notified through the email attached to your account and refunded based on remaining allocations.


All shipping and pick-up policies are subject to change at any time.