community engagement.

We are committed to supporting our community.

From our local neighborhood, to the cultural and social communities of our staff and customers, we mobilize our time, energy, funds, and platform in pursuit of a more equitable city. We’re committed to social justice in all its forms, and are so proud to work with partner organizations who are building a Boston that works for everyone. We believe that effective change requires communal work, and we empower our team members to serve and support partner organizations alongside company-wide and product-based initiatives.

Super excited about this work? So are we. Fill out this form to stay in the loop about our community projects and the many ways to get involved.

Our monthly partnership.

This January, we’re focusing on supporting frontline healthcare workers in our Greater Boston community. 10+ months into the pandemic, we know our city’s healthcare workers must be tired. To say thank you for being the backbone of our city’s health and survival this year, we’re offering any and all Boston area healthcare workers a FREE virtual beer tasting, sponsored by Lamplighter’s community.

Join us in supporting and thanking our healthcare workers this January by adding a donation in your checkout cart on our web store, and purchasing some Stardust while you’re at it—$1 of each 4-pack sold will go to supporting Cambridge-based hospital workers.

Collaborate with us.

Lamplighter collaborations most often involve either one-time donations/events or month-long partnerships. Read on to learn how to participate in one or both of these programs. We’re excited to learn how we can support you!

To request a one-time donation for beer, merchandise, or event space (virtual or in person), please fill out our donation request form here. We review applications on a quarterly basis, with the next round of review happening in early April. Applicants in this round will receive decisions by April 15. For further inquiries and questions, reach out to us at [email protected].

To inquire about a month-long partnership with Lamplighter, please also email [email protected] to set up an initial phone call. We’re especially excited to partner with organizations fighting for justice for BIPOC, queer/trans folks, women, and immigrants to the US, as well as organizations leading the fight against environmental racism and climate change. If this is you, please don’t hesitate to reach out—we’re currently beginning conversations for early 2021 partnerships.


Former partnerships.