A Pale Lager with Sweet Annie, White Fir, and Wild Cherry Bark brewed in collaboration with Japas Cervejaria (Sao Paulo, Brazil).

Brewed in collaboration with Japas Cervejaria (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Wabi is the first part of a two beer series inspired by the Japanese concept Wabi Sabi: the acceptance of transient beauty and the imperfection of life. Steeped with locally-foraged white fir needles, sweet annie, and wild cherry tree bark, this herbal and delicate beer is a delightful twist on a classic Lager. What’s next? A portion of Wabi is aging in oak barrels to become Sabi, the second beer in the series. Keep cold, enjoy fresh, and stay tuned for part two.

V1 (March 2022): Bayberry, Spruce, and Jasmine

V2 (March 2023): Sweet Annie, White Fir Needles, and Wild Cherry Bark

birch beer.



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