A summery Pale Ale dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin, Moteuka, and Waimea, brewed in honor of Pride Month.

Act Up is a summery Pale Ale dry hopped with a trio of New Zealand-grown hops. Leading with notes of white grape and tangerine, this drinkable beer is well-balanced and finishes with an invigorating bitterness. Named for the grassroots group that brought public and political attention to the AIDS crisis of the 80s, Act Up is brewed in honor of our queer friends and family for Pride Month.

Artwork by Kristina Kaufmann, @_KKFNN

We named this beer to honor and call attention to generations of queer and trans resistance. ACT UP—fully known as the AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power—is an organization who has led public, bold, and radical direct action to end AIDS in the US, since their founding in 1987. $1 of every sale of this beer will go directly to the Mass Trans Political Coalition, a bold grassroots movement continuing this legacy.

By naming a beer ACT UP, our team at Lamp:

  • Mourns the loss of a generation of queer elders to the AIDS epidemic.
  • Takes seriously the echoes of the AIDS epidemic in government response to the COVID pandemic.
  • Holds with gravity the major uprising of our generation: the Movement for Black Lives.
  • Recognizes that we are able to celebrate Pride now because of the sacrifices previous generations of queer and trans people, especially trans women of color, made to build this movement.
  • Strives to live by the idea that “none of us are free until all of us are free.”


grapefruit pith.


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